The BRSCC Fiesta Championship is streamlining its class structure ahead of the 2019 season as it strives to close the grid and provide more competitive racing for its members.

The four class structures that covered examples of the classic hatchback stretching back 30 years has been reduced to two, NOW known as the Championship Class and the Classic Class.

The former C and D class cars for the Mk7 Zetec S and the Mk6 ST150 will face off in the new ‘Championship Class.’ The Zetec machines will receive a 20hp boost in an attempt to equalise the power to weight ratio.

A balance of performance will be instigated if the power boost does not provide an equal footing. Ballast will be added to ensure that the cars from different model designations will compete with one another on an equal footing during the year.

In the new ‘Classic Class’ the FORMER Class A Mk3 Si and Class B Mk5 Zetec cars will: “Remain unchanged to allow the BRSCC and the championship to define any changes required to bring both models’ performance into line for 2020, if at all.”

The season kicks off at Silverstone over the weekend of April 6/7 which allows time for Championship Class entrants to install the upgrade kit prior to round one.

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