HSCC revives Thundersports

The Historic Sports Car Club has revived the Thundersports name for classic long distance racers after giving the pre-80 Endurance Series a facelift.

The series for former World Endurance Championship, FIA GT Championship and FIA 2 Litre Sports Car Championship will continue to include categories for Can-Am and Sports 2000 machines.

The original John Webb created Thundersports series, which launched in 1983, was a hugely popular series with drivers and fans alike. Webb, now aged 88, said: “I’ll be absolutely delighted to see the Thundersports name in use again.”

HSCC CEO Andy Dee-Crowne said: “The Thundersports title will bring back great memories for many people and we’re keen to re-create those fantastic races with strong and varied grids of spectacular sports and sports-racing cars.

“We can also offer competitors excellent value for money track time at three of the world’s finest race tracks.

“Back in the day, Thundersports was chosen to support the Formula 1 World Championship at Brands Hatch and we’ll be back on the Brands GP circuit at the end of June.”

The three race series will also visit Silverstone in May and Spa-Francorchamps in September.

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