Autosport International 2020 to debate Motor Racing future

The 2020 Autosport International will celebrate 70 years of Formula One and will also look to the future of the sport over the next 70 years with its Autosport 2090 project.

Designers, engineers, students and fans will get the chance to debate how the sport will be shaped over coming decades and will examine how cars, circuits and the roles of drivers and engineers will develop in the future.

The forum will analyse the changing automotive industry. It will also examine how predicted automation and alternative power could influence the future of motor racing at all levels.

Industry visionaries will consider how artificial intelligence and other topics could effect the sport in the near future and the longer term.

Students from leading Universities will also have the opportunity to present how they perceive motorsports will change with the chance to submit studies surrounding car and circuit design.

Autosport International Sales Manager, Andy Stewart said: “The next generation of designers and engineers will have the opportunity to showcase their concepts at Autosport International in front of the world’s media and industry experts. This will be a major coup for any university.”

The 2020 Autosport International Show takes place at the Birmingham NEC from 9-12 January.

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