Issue #12 of Motor Racing UK is available to pre-order now.

As with issue #11 we’d advise you to order now to avoid disappointment. Due to our absence at circuits for the time being we are only able to send by post and as such will be ordering a slightly smaller print run than usual.

In our latest issue we take a look at the CityCar Cup from the BRSCC. This series is no C1 Racing Club clone. With a very different ethos it is shaping up to be the best place for those on a budget and those dipping their toes into circuit racing.

Sam McKee writes about sharing his BMW E36 with a number of drivers. His way of racing has brought new drivers to the sport and he explains how other car owners could ‘rent’ their cars out to cover costs.

The BTCC has a compressed calendar along with British GT and British F3, we take a look at how the season has gone for each championship so far.

In the middle of that BTCC run triple champion Matt Neal reached race number 700, we look at why he’s good to easily reach 800.

Towards the end of the last century Britain dominated when it came to building cars for F1, IndyCar, F3000 and many other series. Now a only handful of F1 teams and a couple of endurance manufacturers build for the international stage. We find out that in no way means that the motorsport industry is in decline. With a huge export market in the supply chain and independent technology development the UK is still leading the way.

Back in 1976 James Hunt and Barry Sheene took World Championships on four and two wheels, but neither of them won on home soil in that title winning year. It was down to a plucky underdog pair to claim an international win on home soil in the inaugural Silverstone Six Hours.

Buy the print edition of Motor Racing UK Issue 12 (52 pages – A5) for £3.80 – including p&p (UK only) here: 

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