Four years down the line from the foundations being laid for Motor Racing UK to launch as a print magazine we’re close to releasing our 25th issue. To celebrate we’re doing something just a little different. You could say it’s our present to you (well half of it, we couldn’t squeeze it all in  this time1) Yes, you can be the owner of our own little Touring Car cut out and keep Top Tourers game, where you can spend hours (or minutes) battling friend and foe to win all 32 (16 in this issue) cards. Or you could just ignore that and pin up the mini Gordon Shedden poster on the other side!

In issue 25 we have a deep dive interview with Árón Taylor-Smith. We crunch the numbers on whether or not Hybrid is working out better than ballast in the BTCC. We look at the ‘cheaper’ end of endurance racing – and the higher end – because we look at every British driver and team at Le Mans this year. Is F4 doing the job it was intended when the new formula came onto the TOCA package? And we hop back again to another season (1993) to see how F1 fared when the nation held two Grands Prix. Also the usual, columns and opinion.

Details of the release date, purchasing options and subscriptions (plus a few excerpts from the above) will come later this week. Keep an eye out!

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