The latest issue of Motor Racing UK magazine is just around the corner, and it is packed with all kinds of British racing content, and naturally it’s dominated by the BTCC. In Issue 25 not only do we throw the first half of our Top Tourers game at you, we also have a Gordon Shedden mini poster.

In addition to that we also dive into the numbers to find out if the complaints about the racing in the hybrid era are everything that some fans believe it to be, and we also have the HUGE cover feature – a whacking 14 page feature with TEAM HARD driver Árón Taylor-Smith.

In our cover story we go behind some of the crucial aspects of the 2022 season and beyond for driver and team covering various topics. Including:

On racing at Croft part of what he said was: “I’ve always loved Croft to be fair. People always say to me about – you know, what happened in 2017 – and has it changed my opinion? But not at all. I can’t remember the day, so it makes no difference to me! If anything, it was the best qualifying we had in the MG.”

On being the only driver on the grid not running under the British flag: “It’s something that I wear with a badge of honour and it’s always nice. Whenever Irish people are over and they drop by the garage or anything, you know, it’s nice to feel like you’re flying the flag for them.”

Copyright – Motor Racing UK – 2022

He also talks about his time at BMR with the VW CC, how that project is similar to the current HARD/Cupra setup, and what he believes the car is capable of: “Where I think I’d like to see this car qualify at the top eight to 12 places, which is something I think is realistic. Once you’re in that gaggle, you can win from there. And, it’s closer to the pace than it’s probably gotten to show so far.”  

With Hybrid being the big change to the BTCC for 2022 Árón went into depth about the tactics behind its use, the effects of the installation, and other unexpected benefits: “I think from a driver’s perspective, it’s good that it correlates more to a road manufacturer because then when you’re speaking with sponsors and whatnot, the sustainability of the series is really important to them.”

Copyright – Motor Racing UK – 2022

There was a fair bit on his future, and his belief in TEAM HARD where he ruminated: “It’s nice to be able to know that I’m working on a long term project here. It’s not just going to be a one and done, which I’ve done that with teams in the past. And to be honest, it’s a waste of time. They built this from the ground upwards. They weren’t gifted into owning a team where everything was in place.” 

And of course the trickle down from F1 and ‘Drive to Survive’ to the BTCC ‘On the Limit’ series: “I like to just be able to share the story of what we do because I feel extremely privileged to be able to call this my full-time professional career. This is what I grew up dreaming of.”

All of that is only a taster of what is coming up in the article and the magazine in general over the next few months. You asked for more independent, in depth, BTCC and TOCA coverage, and we’re giving it to you.

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