Launching via the Motor Racing UK podcast feeds today is series two of the Retro Racer Podcast!

At 7pm UK time the first six episodes of the 20 episode second season will launch at and Spotify – with other hosts (Amazon, Apple, etc) catching up within the next 24 hours.

The Retro Racer Podcast delves into a variety of historical motor racing stories in an almost ‘audiobook’ style. Join host Mick Palmer, and kick back with your favourite beverage as we dive into some interesting tales from the track.

Launching today:
Episode 1 – The first 1000 – in 1973 Bathurst followed the Australian metrication of the road system and dropped their 500 mile race in favour of a new 1000 Km event. Moffat versus Brock took on a new facet.

Episode 2 – Imola – Four motorcycle racing fans dreamed of turning their local park into a race track. Their dream became a reality and since the 1950s that track has been host to some significant moments in racing history.

Episode 3&4 – The 1962 Formula One season – A double episode goes back and recalls the 1962 F1 championship race by race and session by session. BRM finally build a championship contender and Lotus debut their revolutionary 25. Graham Hill and Jim Clark lead a changing of the F1 guard, and in the background Italian metalwork strikes, Gendarmes causing chaos and Hollywood hangers on set the scene for an intriguing season.

Episode 5 – Day of Thunder – Stock Car racer Bobby Hamilton made his NASCAR Winston Cup debut in a machine specially entered by the Days of Thunder movie production. And runs at the front.

Episode 6 – The Farce – The European Touring Car Championship was bursting at the seams. A decision to turn the series into a World Championship for 1987 had already been made. Manufacturer involvement, F1 calibre drivers and Touring Car legends. It had it all – apart from governance. Disqualification after disqualification marred the second half of the season, and the title changed hands a month after the end of the season – after the organisers got around to reading their own rule book……

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