Josh Cook/BTC Racing – Pre season Croft 2022 – Photo: Motor Racing UK

By Mick Palmer

British Touring Car Championship team BTC racing are heading into the 2023 season with a re-branding and an expansion into GT racing.

The change to the One Motorsport moniker was an open secret after the team switched names at Companies House on the seventh of February, but the squad waited a week before making a public announcement.

The team is joining forces with Motus One – who are better known for racing in the British GT championship, and running the Brabham BT62 project.

“All the guys at Brackley firstly need the recognition of our achievements in 2022 and in such a short space of time competing in the BTCC,” stated team owner Steve Dudman “The change of name is not to leave our achievements behind, but to plan for the future as we lift our company profile within the Motorsport Industry. We are also, so pleased to welcome Will Powell and the guys from Motus One to join us at Brackley with his expertise and the GT operation being brought to the business. We look forward to going racing.”

Powell is no stranger to Touring Car racing. The Motus One team entered the Touring Car Trophy in the TCR UK category for 2021. Initially announced  with a three car Honda Civic project it was eventually downgraded to a single car entry for Danny Krywyj, with Powell racing at three meetings himself. For 2022 he entered seven BTCC meetings racing for Team Hard.

Will Powell/Team Hard – Croft 2022 – Photo: Motor Racing UK/Palmer

Over the last five years BTC has established themselves as front runners with customer Honda Civics. After their first wins with Dan Lloyd and Chris Smiley in 2018 the team have grown into legitimate contenders for th BTCC title with Josh Cook being an early challenger last term.

Powell, who formed Motus One in 2018, alongside his Motorsport Media company running under tha same umbrella said: “I am delighted this has come together to create one of the strongest teams in British motorsport. In a relatively short period, my team at Motus One have worked hard to build a team capable of competing at the top. Joining forces with Steve Dudman and Danny Buxton in the newly formed One Motorsport takes things to the next level, providing customers with better support, equipment and facilities. I’m looking forward to leading the commercial operation, where I have always been at my strongest, and helping to drive forward the GT and BTCC programmes on track. The team will look to further build on its 2022 success as BTCC Independent Team and Driver Champions, whilst striving for overall title honours. Progress in GTs will come from a performance development programme with key hires announced in coming weeks. One Motorsport’s relaunch will encompass a new website and social media channels, which will be rolled out in due course.”

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